Market Research

Outsourced telephone surveying

Market Research

Telephone Interviewing And Focus Group Recruitment

We have successfully worked with a number of market research companies over the years when they have wished to outsource particular projects.

We are not qualified to analyse results but are happy to be a remote office carrying out telephone interviews when work pressure requires another pair of hands.

We have conducted interviews and surveys with members of the public and with the business community over a ide range of issues including:

  • Cruise Satisfaction
  • Solicitors / Lawyers
  • Local Authorities
  • Publicans
  • Debt Recovery


Start your campaign today with professional telemarketing solutions available throughout the UK and internationally. Please call 01643 841 411.

Do you run focus groups?

Focus group recruiting can be time consuming and frustrating. We can get potential guests to your focus group at the right price and the right time.

We have recruited for some interesting focus groups in various sectors in various areas of the UK. We work closely with you, the client, generally from lists or guides supported by you and get on with the nitty gritty of getting ‘bums on seats’.

We have recruited difficult to reach professional people as well as commercial delegates.

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