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Getting Started With Sue Rose Telemarketing

After our initial meeting which is free of charge, we spend time setting up a telephone marketing plan. During this time, we ensure that we agree on the objectives of the campaign.

We consider the needs of the potential customers for the product or service you offer and try to put ourselves in their shoes in thinking about what they would consider important.

We take a serious look at the features and benefits of what your company offers and how that would complement the needs of your customers.

We write a guideline introductory script which includes some good questions to ask. We do not work to a script but have one as a means of control of the conversation.

We discuss with you who you want to target and advise on sourcing prospect lists if necessary.

Finally, we think of how we will encounter the likely objections that will inevitably come our way.

How We Work With You

  • We charge by the hour. We will not work on commission only. It does not provide quality appointments. We believe in quality, not quantity.
  • We agree the number of hours each week or month that we will work for you for an ongoing project.
  • We recommend a ‘drip drip’ approach, one day a week is ideal, but a day a fortnight can work well to.
  • You let us know when you are available for meetings with potential clients.
  • Where appropriate, we will liaise with our relevant contact during the work session and at the end of each work session we will provide you with complete details of each contact and conversation.


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